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Mediation Services

Mediation has proven to be so successful in the United States that people who wish to litigate must first try mediation before they can proceed in the court system. The vast majority of conflicts, which employ mediation, succeed by resolving the dispute and often times repairing relationships.

Peace Workshop International is pleased to offer a host of mediation services:

Organizational Issues including:


Work teams that are struggling due to in-team conflict


Departments or other units that depend on each other but who are competing and/or employing different work styles


Employee/management groups grappling with the effects of downsizing and reorganization


Unsatisfactory customer relations

Employment issues including:


Personality disputes between employees


Sexual harassment and other discrimination claims


Disagreements between employees and supervisors regarding performance evaluation and expectations, forms and levels of supervision, discipline, and unsatisfactory workplace behavior

Family and Divorce

Civic Disputes

For more information about our mediation services and to make an appointment, please email Mary Mackenzie, M.A., at We look forward to supporting you in reaching mutually amicable solutions to your dispute.


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